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SWIM 协议说明也提到时钟校准,但对于主频最高仅 20MHz 的 ATmega328P(Arduino UNO 所采用芯片且为兼容考虑实际主频为 16MHz),要做相对于 8MHz(SWIM协议运行时的时钟频率) 的时钟校准比较困难;剩下的办法,要么用前一篇烧写 hairBoot 再用第三方串口工具(比如

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witchsecuritycompanies -Arduino Swim Lap Counter. . . There is a wrist watch or a finger counter, but it is a little uncomfortable when swimming. When swimming, it is better not to do anything.

Robot Fish swimming test (made from water pipe pvc

Next step is building a minimal arduino core Comments, questions and fixes are welcomed! BOM for the programmer: 2 x 220 Ohm resistors 2 x 4. 7K Ohm resistors 1 x 680 Ohm resistor 1 x 0. 1uf capacitor 1 x STM32F103C8 minimum development board () 1 x connector/socket for the board 1 x 4-pin socket/socket for the SWIM connector

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Sneel version 2, first swim in central park: Upload it to Arduino, without the xbee plugged in (when the xbee is plugged in, the tx and rx pins (pins 1 and 0) on arduino mega are usedreferences a class that propagates a sine wave down a line of motors.


0/4/2013It keeps track of the number of laps, the time on the current lap, time on the previous lap, and total elapsed time. A Little More Detail The project is based on the Arduino microcontroller.

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Arduino swim

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Swim Guards Book Archive controllers that’s excellent for novices, hobbyists, mom and dad, and educators.

Arduino swim

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Arduino swim

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Arduino swim

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The Arduino environment uses its own pin numbering scheme independent from the physical CPU pin numbers. Many Arduino sketches and libraries contain hard-coded assumptions about the number of pins with special functions. Ideally, all these numbers would be the same and all programs could be compiled without changes.

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/16/2013Current swim lap counters are watches and rings. I'm not a fan of wearing these, and they require stopping to read. Looking for some direction/advice on the feasibility of an idea.

Arduino swim

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The last thing to note is the photoresistor, used by Arduino to detect the ambient lighting and to control the board RELAY1CH so the LED projector is turned on; the component is fed to the voltage divider by a resistor of 10 kOhm (1/4 W) and is read from the analog input A0 Arduino.

Arduino swim

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Arduino swim

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Flash tool. The STM8-Discovery-Boards come with an integrated ST-Link-Interface, but for any other board you need a special flash tools in order to program the CPU. As far as I know there is no solution to use a regular Arduino board as a SWIM-capable flash programmer. The universal programmer uprog2 (website in german only) is based on an