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Espruino es una nueva placa que se puede usar para controlar dispositivos surgida de un proyecto con financiacia, manejable y sencilla que sus hermanas mayores raspberry pi o arduino.

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2/7/2018用Arduino控制PS2无线手柄 用Arduino UNO板 连接PS2手柄接收器,为什么指示灯已经显示对接上了,但是打开串口监 Buddy++ 1. 2. 1,悄悄地发 Buddy++ 1. 2. 1 悄悄地发布啦!也许大家会发现这次的版本升级在功能上并没有带来更大的 打砖块游戏 **** 本内容被作者隐藏 ****


ESPduino=Arduino+WiFi, which can be compatible with Arduino UNO R3 with WiFi. This manual is just used for the. installation of ESPduino IDE. In fact, this manual is suitable for other ESP Arduino UNO R3.

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Espruino Pico and DHT22 example In this example we use the DHT22 (or AM2302) humidity/temperature sensor and the Arduino UNO board to read data and print it out to the serial monitor. The DHT22 is better than the DHT11 because it has a wider range of measurement, 0 to 100% for humidity and -40C for temperature.

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Gordon Williams is raising funds for Espruino: JavaScript for Things on Kickstarter! The world's first JavaScript microcontroller for beginners or experts, now Open Source. Be creative with intelligent control! Espruino compared to Arduino - Blinking Lights. Almost anyone who has used Arduino has tried the Blinking Lights example. Here's

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Welcome to Jaycar's dedicated arduino page. Here you will find instructional information on creating your own projects. text. skipToContent text. skipToNavigation. Arduino takes the pain out of creating microcontroller projects, with a variety of controller boards with different features and sizes plus a very simple to use free code editor

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The Espruino Pico's fast response time has a lot of advantages. It allows for quick and easy debugging and is a great way to test your project before your big reveal. In addition, you can control the Espruino from almost anything - Windows, Mac OS, Linux, RasPi, …

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Espruino: The Challenges of Running an Open Source Hardware and Software Company Gordon Williams Gordon is a software and hardware enthusiast who has turned his passion into a business.

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Programming the ESP8266-12E Using Arduino Software/IDE: The ESP8266 is like an Arduino with a builtin WiFi, the MCU and WiFi circuitry are in the same chip. Consider Arduino + WiFi Shield = ESP8266. In this instructable I will provide a step by step guide to procure and programming an ESP8266-12E WIFI

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Das Espruino-Board hrt allerdings JavaScript-Code aus. Wer sich mit Node. js und Co auskennt, kann leicht in die Hardware-Programmierung einsteigen – sogar direkt aus dem

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DFRobot official blog supplies varieties of ESP32, Wifi, Espruino, esp32 tutorial,The objective of this post is to explain how to connect to a WiFi network on Espruino running on the ESP32. As mentioned in previous posts, we will be using JavaScript, since Espruino is a JavaScript interpreter for microcontrollers. an Arduino Robot

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The Espruino Puck. js is a low energy Bluetooth smart button that can be programmed and debugged wirelessly with JavaScript. Check out Espruino's Getting Started Guide for tutorials and Adafruit Bluefruit LE Shield - Bluetooth LE for Arduino. Espruino 1. 4 - Open Source Javascript Microcontroller. Bluefruit LE Friend - Bluetooth Low

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CodeBlocks Arduino IDE is a customized distribution of the open-source Code::Blocks IDE enhanced for Arduino development. It provides more demanding software developers with everything a modern IDE should have including code foldering, code completion, code navgiation, compiling as …

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Espruino中文社区是国内Espruino玩家的大本营,玩Espruino来这里就对啦:) 本社区将为您提供简单易操作的Espruino教程和Espruino开发板及其配件。