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Arduino Telescope Observatory Dome. New Dome under power for the first time. Dome introduction. Original observatory with flip top roof. The original observatory construction of a 6’x6’x6’ cube made from fence panels with a flip-top roof has long since outlasted the intended design life. I had no doubts that an accident waiting to happen

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Download Arduino ASCOM Focuser Pro2 DIY for free. Version 2 of the myFocuser Project. myFocuserPro2, an ASCOM telescope focuser using Arduino Nano and stepper motor. Multiple options and driver boards supported.

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DIY telescope controller based on Arduino Due. Arduino Due based Telescope Control System (GOTO) that uses database with THE BEST ~250 stellar objects ( Messier and Hidden Treasures Catalogues) and 200 stars, calculates their position on the sky and points the telescope. With a TFT touchscreen display, it is a standalone controller.

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/25/2012Demonstration of Arduino telescope control on my homemade telescope mount. Astronomy and astrophotography involves a lot of process control, and the Arduino is perfect for this. The system is

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The Arduino Mega 1280 is housed in a box on the telescope. This includes the L298 unit, the encoder counter, various hall sensors for doing PEC and fuses and relays. Arduino can actually turn off the power to the telescope mount itself – handy when you detect an problem.

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Per prima cosa, una volta installato stellarium, dovremo configurarlo per permettergli di dialogare con arduino, poi si tratter di capire come stellarium comunica con un telescopio e infine svilupperemo un primo semplice sketch per far simulare ad arduino la presenza un telescopio connesso a stellarium.

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D Printable Robotic Telescope You Can Build. Gareth Branwyn. However the emergence of low-cost 3D printers and Laser-cutting, paired with microcontroller platforms such as Arduino and Lumia 1020- with its 41 Megapixel CCD – mean that a project such as this is now eminently possible.

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ACL Telescope Controllers (6. 0. 1) Installs a driver for telescope control systems that speak the Merlin Controls Astronomy Command Language. Please note that there is a specific driver for the COMSOFT PC-TCS control system below.

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Toby Kurien has unveiled a new Raspberry Pi Optical Tracking Telescope project he has created using a Pi mini PC, a little Arduino, together with a handful of 3D printer parts called the PiScope. The PiScope offers a way to create a basic astrophotography set up using an affordable telescope and

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1/12/2011 Arduino Nano, Telescope tracker. Oct 15, 2011, 01:06 am. hello, i have just started getting back into astrophotography and would love to build a tracking system so i can take long exposures.

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The code is quite lengthy and uses four different libraries. Luckily, only one of these needs to be installed, all the rest come with the Arduino IDE. The idDHT11 library reads the temperature and humidity sensor and also calculates the dew point. The file is Telescope_Dew_Heater. ino.

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I glued the Arduino DUE board to the bottom of the box and connected the extension shield on top (as seen on the picture) I even put a small fan on the left hand side of the box to cool down the DRV8825.

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Programmation du ARDUINO pour le G11 : tventuellement divers projets de motorisation, dont le plus simple avec seulement un ARDUINO et un blindage (shield) contenant un SKYPIKIT et un driver de puissance.